IMPORTED NUTS & DRIED FRUITS: Health is wealth. For good health eat delicious and nutritious food. Misty provide delicious and nutritious food products. We do not add much preservatives which tampers the nutritional value of the products. Our aim is to introduce high quality dried fruits into the market.
HONEY & ITS DRIED FRUITS :Our mission is to produce 100% pure natural honey and homemade honey products and to deliver healthy products to the public
Misty Spices & Dried Fruits…………Freshness in each piece
Giving someone a personalized gift is an opportunity for you to communicate so many distinct sentiments—appreciation, love, joy, support—depending on the circumstance.

Create Blissful and Special Sweet Memories with MISTY GIFTS

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SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Birthday I Anniversary I Wedding I Best Wishes I Baby Shower I Bachelor Party
GIFT IDEAS BY SPECIAL EMOTION: All the Best I Sorry I Thank You I Get Well Soon I Congratulations.
So simple! Free your mind to decide what memory you want to mould into a gift. Call or use www.mistyspices.com to select your options to communicate your dream gift with us. From there, we will do what we do best and present you with customized gifts that would create a never forgettable impact on anyone.


Experience the premium quality spices from the best spice sellers of Kerala. Find every fresh spice you need for a well-stocked kitchen. Our natural and organic range of spices, spice mixes and aromatic herbs are just perfect for regular home cooking and for professional cooks.
Also passion for promoting healthy and qualitative products like Spices, Nuts, Dried fruits, Dried Meet, Honey & its by-products, Sugarcane Jagery, Coconut Oil, Rice and rice powders, Masalas and healthy snacks – the natural and traditional way is the driving force behind this venture.
We provide fresh and quality spices collected locally, organic and naturally farmed, aiming for a healthy society around us! Provides major types of spices which are using to cook, masala blends, Kerala snacks, cosmetics, etc. Choose from a wide range of options. You will find everything you are looking for as the taste maker, exclusively handpicked to help you find the best quality spices at the best prices.

Mr. Sabu, Managing Director

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