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BBPI – Bridging Business & Professional Initiatives is a group of 60 business houses and professionals across Kerala focused on delivering quality products and services to customers.

BBPI offer our members the opportunity to grow together by giving mutual business referrals. More over a platform under the banyan tree concept, where members can openly share ideas and thoughts and support each other for sustainable development. Fortnightly gathering of BBPIANs happen over a breakfast meeting with the intention of selling ones business and knowing fellow BBPIANs business.


We encourage professional engagements. We ensure everyone’s growth.

Competitive Prices

BBPI members offer competitive price for their products and services to leads that come from fellow members. The end customer enjoys a discounted price while rendering service from BBPI members.

Quality Leads

The business referrals shared by BBPI members are credible as they are from their own personal or professional contacts. Thus members in BBPI gets quality leads from each other,

Verified Businesses

All members in BBPI are business owners and professionals who run successful and credible businesses, verified by BBPI. People and businesses in BBPI are trustworthy and highly professional.

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